U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops Spring Assembly In Fort Lauderdale

More than 200 of America's most powerful Catholics are gathering in South Florida right now.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Spring General Assembly is taking place in Fort Lauderdale.


Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski says he extended the invitation years ago to host the annual event, but this year is particularly significant because, "the Archdiocese of Miami is celebrating this year 60 years since our founding as a diocese and 50 years since our being named an archdiocese."

A full slate of topics will be discussed during the two days including the futures of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival kids and Temporary Protected Status recipients.

"It's certainly something close to the heart of all the bishops in the United States because immigration is now a national phenomenon," says Wenski.

He adds, our current system is broken and needs fixing, "We need a reform that will be fair and just and really help Make America Great Again.  You don't Make America Great Again by making America mean."


Other topics that will be discussed include racism and Catholic healthcare institutions' moral and ethical directives.


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