Owner Looks For Ailing Senior Pup Who Was Taken Outside Of Aventura Gallery

The owner of an Aventura art gallery is asking for help after his senior dog was picked up and taken away by a complete stranger. 

Skyler, an 18-year-old rat terrier, suffers from a heart condition. Skyler needs medication to keep him alive.

On Monday evening, surveillance video captured Skyler wandering out the front door of Gallery Art on Biscayne Boulevard. Once he got outside on the sidewalk, security cameras showed him in the arms of a stranger who can be seen leaving the shopping center with Skyler in tow.

His owner, Ken Hendel, said he has lost sleep and believes his dog is in danger.

Hendel says Skyler can't be walked around with a leash and collar, because that could irritate the pacemaker and cause death.

Hendel said he has filed a police report and checked with dozens of animal shelters.

So far, he has been unable to locate him. Anyone with information about Skyler is asked to call Gallery Art at 305-439-7422.


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