Miami Beach Considers Scooter Ban For Memorial Day Weekend

To scoot or not to scoot? That is the question looming over the Memorial Day Weekend in Miami Beach. 

Officials are considering new rules and regulations to help everyone stay safe in Miami Beach this upcoming holiday weekend — including a ban on motorized scooter rentals that is sparking controversy.

City officials have been taking steps for weeks to ensure the city is ready for events, like the National Salute To America's Heroes Air and Sea Show.

A meeting open to the community was held Tuesday at the Miami Beach Police Department as part of planning efforts.

Some officials think the scooters are noisy, and especially dangerous within a big crowd. Electric scooters called the Whizzy Ride are illegal despite still being rented all over the city, and come residents argued that the vehicles could hurt people.

But lawyers for scooter rental businesses did not hesitate to be on the defensive.

Likewise, several business owners argued that the decision is unfair and that employees will lose work and money if the scooters are banned.

City commissioners are expected to make a decision on whether to allow motorized scooter rentals over the holiday weekend sometime on Wednesday.


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