Kanye West Says MSD Student Survivor Emma Gonzalez Is His Hero

Rapper and fashion mogul Kayne West took to Twitter over the weekend to tell that world that Parkland student Emma Gonzalez is his hero.

“My hero Emma Gonzalez,’’ West tweeted Saturday evening, accompanied with an image of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student.

Less than 20 minutes later, he also shared a selfie with the caption “inspired by Emma.”

West and his wife Kim Kardashian attended the “March For Our Lives’’ rally in Washington, D.C.

The teenage advocate, however, didn’t return the praise.

At the same time that West tweeted the selfie and second comment, Gonzalez, who has emerged as a national leader in the gun control debate and helped organize the March 24 rally, shared her own tweet that said, “My hero James Shaw Jr.’’

Her tweet refers to the unarmed 29-year-old man who took down a gunman during a fatal shooting at a Waffle House on April 22. 

James Shaw Jr, is a true hero - Thumbnail Image

James Shaw Jr, is a true hero

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