Aggressive Gator Puts Up A Fight On Florida Family's Front Lawn (Video)

An "aggressive" alligator was wrangled away from the front porch of a Florida home over the weekend -- but not without a fight!

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials received a call about an alligator in The Villages, a neighborhood just north of Orlando. 

When an FWC contractor arrived on the scene, local news outlets report he found the 400-to-600-pound male gator near the front door of a home.

The contractor estimated the gator to be between 11 and 12 feet long. He described it as aggressive.

"It wanted to bite me," he said, according to a report by WPLG.

It took about 20 minutes to complete the capture because the gator put up a fight.

The gator was taken to a USDA-approved alligator processing facility, which is standard for nuisance gators longer than 4 feet.

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