Ploice: Florida Man Shot At Roommate Because He Was Mad About Cat Hair

Police say a Florida man shot at his roommate because he was angry about cat hair being on the couch.

Authorities say 58-year-old Craig Tull faces charges of robbery with a firearm, shooting into a dwelling, aggravated battery and aggravated assault following the incident early Wednesday at his Winter Park home.

The roommate told investigators that Tull pulled the gun after getting angry about the cat hair.

According to court documents, Tull fired in the direction of the roommate and said, "the next one's going to be you."

The Orlando Sentinel reports Tull then jabbed the gun into the roommate's rib cage, causing minor cuts and bruises.

Police said Tull initially refused to leave the house after officers arrived.

Tull is being held without bond.

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