Google Introduces New Gmail Design. Here's What You Need To Know

Google is redesigning its Gmail for the first time since 2013.  

Parent company Alphabet revealed the new design on Wednesday morning, and called it an expensive overhaul two years in the making.  

The new Gmail is designed to compete with Microsoft Outlook, and will have smart-assistant features such as "suggested replies," and "nudges" to remind you of forgotten emails.  

A new side panel will include access to your calendar and tasks. 

You can also set the expiration of a "disappearing" message anywhere from 1 day to 5 years, and require the recipient to enter a passcode texted to their phone before they can read it. There Confidential Mode emails will open in a special window that doesn't allow the recipient to forward, copy or print the message (though you can still grab a screenshot). 

There's also an option to revoke an email at any time -- even emails sent to non-Gmail accounts.

Google's project manager calls it a rewrite of their most-used product. Gmail is used by one-point-four-billion people each month.

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