Why Did John Highnote Shoot And Kill 2 Florida Deputies?

Investigators are trying to figure out why two Florida Gulf Coast deputies were shot and killed on Thursday. 

Detectives are pouring through social media accounts and personal effects of 59-year-old John Highnote, of Bell, Florida, today, to determine why he murdered the two deputies yesterday at a Chinese restaurant in Gilchrist County.  

Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey were on duty, when they were shot through the window.  

Ramirez (left), Lindsey (right)

Deputies say Highnote then shot and killed himself.

No further details regarding the gunman were released by the police. However, online records showed Highnote had a series of addresses throughout Florida over the years, including Clearwater, Daytona Beach and St. Petersburg.

Additionally, Highnote had a criminal history in Pinellas County from 1994, when he was accused of misdemeanor criminal mischief. That case was later dismissed. In 1978, he was accused of carrying a concealed weapon, but that charge was also dismissed.

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