Southwest Passengers Given $5,000 And Travel Vouchers

(Chicago, IL)  --  Aviation lawyers say survivors of the Southwest flight that had a deadly explosion this week will likely sue.  

Experts tell "Bloomberg" that all the surviving passengers, and the crew, will likely have claims.  The Clifford Law Offices, which has been involved in every commercial aviation disaster since the 1970s, says even those who were not physically injured could have a claim, because of post-traumatic stress.

Attorney Robert Clifford says passengers on the flight were sending videos to their families saying, 'These are my last words to you'."  

Southwest flight 1380 was six miles high over Pennsylvania Tuesday when one of its engines exploded, killing a passenger who was partially sucked out of a window.  

CNN says some of the passengers have already received a five-thousand-dollar check from Southwest Airlines.  

With the check was a letter of apology and a one-thousand-dollar travel voucher.

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