Bal Harbour Mom Receives Threatening Letter Targeting Autistic Daughter

Leah Solomon, a resident of the Plaza of Bal Harbour condominium, said she was heartbroken after receiving a threatening letter aimed at her autistic daughter. 

The anonymous writer, who signed the notice with "The Plaza of Bal Harbour Residents," was complaining about having to live in the same building with Solomon and her autistic teenage, Batcheva, who suffers from autism. 

"Her screaming and outburst are not acceptable to the residents in this building," the letter said. "Either you move out of the building on your own volition, or the residents of this building will take action and you will be forced to move out...We have sought legal counsel."  

Solomon believes the resident of the beachfront building who wrote the letter is discriminating against her and her daughter.

You have a daughter with major issues. Your daughter cannot be socialized with others," the letter continues. 

Solomon said that when she wasn't able to get an answer from the condominium association or from the property manager, she decided to post the letter on Facebook. 

A representative of the board for the Plaza of Bal Harbour wrote on the post, saying the letter was not endorsed by their board or association and they believe to know the culprit. 

"For me, I'm outraged. I'm hurt," Solomon said, according to a report by Local 10 News. "I'm broken because my daughter cannot defend herself."

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