Jose Fernandez Attorney: Marlins Player Framed In Boating Accident

An attorney for former Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez believes the late MLB star was framed in a boating accident that ended in the death of him and two other men.

Ralph Fernandez, who represents the Fernandez estate (not related to the family), claimed on Wednesday that evidence was altered to blame the boat crash on the former Marlins player.

Florida Wildlife Commission investigators determined Fernandez was behind the wheel when his boat crashed near a jetty in Miami Beach in September 2016.

The family attorney claims mistakes in the investigation led to a cover-up.

He added Jose’s infant daughter, Penelope, has received no money since her father’s death and is being supported by other family members. He added that their house is currently in foreclosure.

FWC has not yet commented on the accusation.

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