Fake Starbucks Coupons With N-Word Making Internet Rounds

Fake coupons claiming free Starbucks coffee for African-American customers are circulating social media.

And not only is the coupon fake, but when you scan it, the QR code actually reveals the N-word.

Multiple versions of the fake promotion have made its rounds on the internet following the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks last week.

Beneath a message of apology is a QR code along with the disclaimer, “Valid for one beverage per customer per visit only at participating locations. Limited to persons of African American heritage and/or identity at time of exchange.”

However, scanning the code will bring up the N-word on some versions of the image. Others will actually redirect to the coffee giant’s page on inclusion and diversity.

Starbucks confirmed to Business Insider that the coupons are fake.

“This is completely false and in no way associated with Starbucks,” a representative said.

According to the New York Daily Post, the coupon appears to have originated on 4chan, a site known for pushing far-right content.

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