Vigial Scheduled To honor 17-Year-Old Killed In FHP-Involved Crash

A vigil is planned for Thursday night near Miami Killian Senior High School, in honor of a student who died this past Friday night. 

Police say 17-year-old Angel Lopez was killed when he was hit by a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser while trying to cross Killian Parkway near 107th Avenue on his bicycle. 

According to a report by CBS Miami, FHP officials said Lopez darted into the Trooper’s path.

Trooper Aliek Sierra was reportedly on patrol when Lopez cut in front of the cruiser. They collided and Lopez died on the scene. Sierra was not hurt.

Lopez was an active participant in Killian's ROTC program and hoped to follow in his parents' footsteps by joining the Air Force. 

Donations to help Angel's family pay for funeral expenses can be made on a GoFundMe page.

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