Indoor Vaping? Oil Drilling? Commission Approves Proposals For Nov. Ballot

Florida voters will vote on a number on important measures, including: 

  • Banning vaping in restaurants and other businesses
  • Prohibiting oil drilling in state waters
  • Creating a list of crime victims' rights 
  • Giving free state university tuition to spouses and children of first responders who die on the job

All of the aforementioned proposals were approved Monday by a commission that meets every 20 years to suggest changes to the Florida Constitution. The proposals will be presented to voters in November and will need 60 percent approval to be placed in the constitution.

Voters will also decide whether to impose term limits on local school boards. 

Another measure would prevent state universities from raising fees unless at least nine members of the 13-member boards of trustees approve. That measure would also provide tuition for the families of first responders killed on the job.

The commission also approved a ballot proposal that would ban elected officials, high-level state agency employees and judges from lobbying the bodies they served for six years after leaving their positions.

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