Florida High School Student Urges Classmates To Go Bralass For "Bracott"

A Florida high school student is urging girls to go braless in protest of a dress code that she believes is unfairly strict for girls.

The Bradenton Herald reports the Lizzy Martinez "Bracott" will take place at Braden River High School on Monday, according to Twitter posts from her account. 

During the Bracott, 17-year-old Martinez encourages her female classmates to arrive to school sans a bra to send a message to school administrators that requiring the undergarment is sexist.

On April 2, Martinez didn't wear a bra and said school administrators asked her to cover her nipples with band aids because they were distracting her male classmates. The dress code doesn't specifically address bras.

A district spokesman declined to comment. 

It isn't clear how the district will respond if several students participate in the protest.

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