4 Take Hazing Death Plea Deal In Case Of FSU Pledge Andrew Coffey

Four of the nine total Florida State University fraternity brothers charged in the hazing death of pledge Andrew Coffey entered plea agreements at the Leon County Courthouse on Monday morning. 

Kyle Bauer, Christopher Hamlin, Conner Ravelo and John Ray each underwent plea hearings at the Leon County Courthouse at 9 a.m.

Nine charged (Top from left to right): Kyle Bauer, Brett Birmingham, Christopher Hamlin. (Middle from left to right) Luke Klutz. Clayton Muehlstein, Anthony Oppenheimer. (Bottom from left to right) Anthony Petagine, Conner Ravelo, John Ray. (Photo: LCSO, WCSO)

Two offers were floated by State Attorney Jack Campbell in a March email to defense attorneys. It is unclear which the four men scheduled for court have accepted.

Ravelo has already surrendered at the Leon County jail to serve the sentence that is included in his plea deal.

The students who don't agree to a plea deal face trial on felony hazing charges in June. They are Brett A. Birmingham, Luke E. Kluttz, Clayton M. Muehlstein, Anthony Oppenheimer and Anthony Petagine.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects who had been out on bail before his trial begins is back behind bars. 

Clayton Muehlstein of Orlando had his bond revoked after police say he was involved in a drunken fight at a bar, which violated terms of his pre-trial release.

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