Millennials Beware: Looks Like Florida Isn't The Best Place For Ya!

What is the best state for millennials to reside and make a living thing? 

Well, if you ask WalletHub, it's not Florida! 

According to the personal finance website, the Sunshine State ranks number 42 in the country under best places to live for those in their early 20s to late 30s.  

Florida ranks 35th in affordability, 48th in education and health, 25th in quality of life, 27th in economic health, and dead last in civic engagement.

Coming in as the best area for millennials is D.C., and rounding out the top five states are North Dakota, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Iowa.  

New Mexico ranks as the worst option overall. Rounding out the bottom five are Alabama (#47), Nevada (48), Mississippi (49), and West Virginia (50). 

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