Man Accused Of Wrapping Ex-Roomie's Head In Duct Tape Before Murdering Her

Officials in Central Florida say a 26-year-old man went to his former roommate's home, wrapped her head in duct tape, tied her to a bed and cut off all of her hair before killing her.

Local news outlets, however, say Asgeirr Ulfr called 911 with a different story. 

Ulfr allegedly claimed he found 20-year-old Christina Danielle Scarr dead last Friday after walking in on a home invasion at her Apopka residence, and said he was shot in the foot while confronting a masked woman wearing a hoodie.

Sheriff's investigators say that story quickly fell apart. 

Ulfr was charged with first-degree murder after surveillance video showed him buying duct tape and zip ties at Walmart.

An arrest affidavit says he and the victim worked together at an Olive Garden restaurant, and that he previously threatened to kill the victim and her family.

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