ARM Releases Video Of Alleged Abuse At Southwest FL Ranches

South Florida animal rights group "Animal Recovery Mission" has released new footage alleging abuse from several different slaughterhouses in the southern part of the state.

Miami Beach based ARM said Thursday that it conducted undercover investigations of four slaughterhouses in Southwest Florida's Lee County since 2015

(**warning: some footage graphic**)

Rancho Las Delicias

ARM says the four establishments have committed acts of animal cruelty, including:

  • Selling horse meat for human consumption
  • Depriving dogs of water and food 
  • Keeping said sick or dead animals in the same area as live ones

According to ARM, owners and workers at slaughterhouses as far as Miami have traveled to Lee County in hopes of getting past rules regarding illegal slaughterhouses that exist in their counties. 

The group has turned over its findings to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney.

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