BSO Makes First Risk Protection Order Arrest In The State

Broward Sheriff's Office has made an arrest using the new Risk Protection Order (RPO).

Jerrone Smith, 31, of Deerfield Beach, man was arrested Thursday for violating the order. 

According to a BSO news release, an AR-15, a .22 caliber rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a bump stock and numerous other weapon-related items were removed from his home in the 200 block of Southwest Third Street.

Authorities first received a temporary RPO against Smith, according to the release. But when officers arrived at his home, he did not immediately surrender his firearms and ammunition and refused to allow law enforcement inside. 

After obtaining a search warrant for the residence, deputies located and removed his firearms and ammunition.

This arrest under the statute, which became law on March 9, 2018, is believed to be the first in the state for violation of a RPO. 

Smith's bond was set at $100,000.

The new risk protection law is intended to give law enforcement officers the authority they need to remove weapons from violent or mentally ill individuals. 

"The newly signed law is clearly proving its worth to law enforcement and the public," Sheriff Scott Israel said. "We are thankful to have this valuable tool at our disposal to help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of individuals who demonstrate an obvious threat to themselves or others." 

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