NFL Players Photo With Bloody Shark Prompts FWC Investigation

A Denver Broncos linebacker is under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after being accused of lassoing a hammerhead shark during a South Florida fishing trip.

During a boating trip in Miami last week, Von Miller posted a video on Instagram of him reeling in the catch. 

He took some pictures of the bloody, nine-and-a-half footer and then released it.

Although the video has been deleted, it caught FWC's attention -- and not in a good way. Harvesting hammerheads in Florida waters is a misdemeanor crime.

But Miller says the shark didn’t die and that he released the animal after pulling it onto the boat.

Under Florida law, catching and releasing in this case would be okay, as long as the shark was “immediately returned to the water free, alive, and unharmed.” TMZ released a compilation of Miller’s Instagram story, which shows the group pushing the shark back overboard after catching it, and the shark appearing to swim away. 

This picture would suggest that the shark wasn’t “unharmed,” though:

FWC is looking into whether any violations took place.

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