FL Teen Bites Off Chicken's Head Due To "Violent Outbursts"

A Volusia County high school student allegedly broke into a chicken coop on the school's campus over the weekend and bit off the head of a chicken.

Volusia County Sheriff's officials said 17-year-old David Andrew Jimenez, of Orange City, was charged with felony animal cruelty and trespassing on school property. 

Officials say Jimenez was identified as the suspect in the death of the headless chicken after another student said Jimenez was bragging about it.

The chicken was one of several live animals displayed at a Farm to Table event held at the school over the weekend.

The fowl was left in a coop on campus with the owner expected to pick it up on Monday, reports state.

School surveillance video showed there was activity near the gym around 1 a.m., reports state. Around 5 a.m. on Monday, a teacher arrived at the school and discovered that several eggs had been thrown at the doors of the gym. Inside the gym, more eggs had been broken.

Then the teacher spotted the headless chicken lying in the hallway near the training room, the reports state. The teacher and a school administrator then checked out the coop near the gym and found the chicken’s severed head, deputies said.

Jimenez told deputies “I bit the head off of it,” according to the report.

When asked why, Jimenez replied, “I have violent outbursts,” reports state.

The teenager is expected in court on Wednesday.

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