Iguanas Found Shot With Arrows In Davie Neighborhood

Residents in Davie are growing very concerned after finding several iguanas shot with arrows in their neighborhood.

“We see iguanas with arrows sticking through their throats or in their heads,” resident Pamela Baggleman told 7News, “and they’re not dying, they’re suffering.”

Baggleman said she used to enjoy seeing the animals romp around in the grass as she had her morning coffee. But now she watches as they walk around with arrows sticking out of their bodies. 

She and fellow residents have been trying to end the abuse for almost a year.

The incidents also come on the heels of other recent abuse cases involving animals like cats and peacocks throughout South Florida.

A $500 reward is  being offered for anyone who can help catch the shooter.

The women suspect the person shooting the iguanas lives in their neighborhood.

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