Pregnant Woman Says Armed Guard Bullied Family On Disney Cruise

A pregnant woman says an armed guard at Disney Magic Cruise in Miami intimidated her family and prevented them from boarding the ship. 

The staff barred Emily Jackson, who was 25 weeks pregnant at the time of the cruise, from traveling because of safety concerns. Like other major cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line does not permit women who have been pregnant for more than 24 weeks to board.

Missouri-native Jackson said she had her doctor's approval to travel and wasn't aware of the 24-week cut-off policy.

Jackson said the family accepted the decision, but their luggage was already on board. She said her father became frustrated and raised his voice. A few minutes later, she said, armed guards arrived.

Jackson said the guard smirked and laughed at her family's misfortune. 

The armed guard scared her two children, already shaken up after their cruise was canceled, she said.

"They had the guy with the gun following us. They had the K-9 unit," Jackson said. "So we then had to take both babies outside, wait almost two hours for our luggage, outside in the heat, and both babies are red-faced."

Jackson said Disney Cruse Line has offered to refund her family's fare, but their other vacations costs won't be covered.

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