Wasserman Schultz Files Ammunition Background Check Bill

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has filed a new bill that would mandate background checks on all ammunition purchases.

“I can assure you that Saturday [March For Our Lives] was day one. Saturday was a launch pad,” she said.

Wasserman Schultz introduced the Ammunition Background Check Act of 2018 just before the nationwide marches commenced.

“Federal law does not require a background check for ammunition. This is just such a gaping and grave and dangerous loophole that I could not wrap my mind around it when I was told that was the case,” she said. “Ammunition sellers across the country currently have no way to determine if a potential buyer is legal or if they are prohibited from buying bullets, which are, obviously, what kills after a gun is fired.”

Wasserman Schultz said the bill would require ammunition buyers to undergo instant background checks using the FBI national instant background system.

She says closing this loophole won’t by itself end mass shootings, but it would put another obstacle in the way of a person who wants to do harm.

Wasserman Schultz introduced the bill along with Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal. 

She said the bill already has 36 cosponsors at the moment — all Democrats — but she is confident that she can gather Republican support as well.

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