Maine Store Raffles Off Gun To Benefit High Schoolers. Too Much?

A sporting goods store in Maine is in hot water for attempting to raise money for high schoolers.

Why, you ask?

Because the raffle prize in their fundraiser is a 9mm handgun, that's why.

The fundraiser is aimed at helping seniors at Hodgdon Middle-High School throw a safe, alcohol-free party for their graduation, local news outlets report.

But after Michelle Crane, owner of MACS Trading Post in Houlton, Maine, posted details about the raffle on Facebook last month, some have questioned whether it was appropriate. 

“Terrible and shouldn’t be allowed,” said one Facebook user. “A bit tone deaf. . . not the right time,” said another commenter. One user likened it to raffling off a bottle of liquor after a student is killed by a drunk driver, alluding to recent school shootings.

Tickets to win the Smith and Wesson SD9 9mm are $5, Crane’s Facebook post said. The drawing is next Saturday.

Despite the online backlash, MACS is allegedly continuing with the raffle.

“We will not apologize for supporting our youth and community nor our constitutional right to bear arms,” the store said in a statement to a local news station.

The store also explained that it often holds these types of raffles as fundraisers for community events.

Crane explained on her Facebook post that the raffle is being conducted through the store, not the school, so all laws apply, meaning the winner would have to pass all the required background checks to get the gun.

The raffle will take place after a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, killed 17 people last month.

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