Here's Some Great News For The FL Job Sector!

January was good and February was even better for employment in Florida. 

According to Florida's ADP Report, we added 20,200 private sector jobs in February & the news was good across the board. A few of the highlights:  

  • Natural Resources/Mining and Construction +5,600    

  • Trade, Transportation and Utilities +5,100  

  • Professional and Business Services +3,700  

  • Manufacturing +1,100    

How good was February in context? 

Nationally 235,000 private sector jobs were added. In Florida, we accounted for 8.6% of all jobs added and we have just 6.3% of the population. That means that Florida outperformed the national job growth by 27% last month - a month that was the best for hiring nationally since 1999.  

It's clear that the benefits of tax reform are showing up in hiring nationally and locally. This bodes well for continued economic momentum in Florida as we typically benefit disproportionately from improvements in the economy. There's a lot to feel good about close to home right now.   

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