MSDHS Student Activists Take Over Spotlight Ahead Of "March For Our Lives"

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who formed the "Never Again" movement are taking over the national spotlight ahead of a planned, weekend march in Washington, D.C. to call for changes to the nation’s gun laws.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez, once of the faces of the movement, and her classmates said they wanted to send a message to lawmakers.

In a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday, Gonzalez was asked whether she had second thoughts about being so politically vocal after the shooting. She said there was no other option.

“I have no choice... my speech was broadcast all over the country in like four seconds, and I had no idea they were gonna be there,” she said. “I’m not upset about that. I’m just, like, never gonna be the same person ever again.”

When asked whether she sees herself being able to return to her life before the massacre, Gonzalez replied. “I hope so. I don’t know. It feels like it’s been a year.”

The group has already raised $3 million for their upcoming March for Our Lives event happening in the nation’s capital on Saturday.

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