Doctor Discusses Status Of Patients Involved In FIU Bridge Collapse

At least six people are dead and another 10 have been hospitalized following the Thursday collapse of pedestrian bridge near Florida International University.

Ten people are currently hospitalized at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Officials say that two of those patients remain in critical condition.

“One of the patients arrived in cardiac arrest. His heart was restarted, and he went to the operating room,” said Dr. Mark McKenney, Head of Trauma at Kendall Regional Medical Center, according to a report by 7News. “Another patient arrived in a coma with severe extremity injuries.”

McKenney said the patients’ ages range between the 20s and 50s.

McKenney said eight of the patients are in stable condition, and their injuries vary.

“Everything from bruises and abrasions all the way to broken bones,” said McKenney.

Some of the patients are expected to continue to have surgeries in the coming days.

Gov. Rick Scott arrived at the hospital, just before 10 p.m. Thursday, to meet with doctors.

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