Calls Details First Responder Response To FIU Bridge Collapse

Officials have released the dispatch phone calls made as first responders responded to the scene of a collapsed bridge at Florida International University.

The calls began to pour in around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, after the newly constructed pedestrian bridge collapsed.

The phone calls show the process as dispatchers sent the first crews to the scene.

Call 1: “Reference a construction accident. Southwest Eighth Street, 109th Avenue. Advising an overpass fell, six people injured.”

Call 2: “We advised that multiple workers were on top of the bridge as well as vehicles were on the bridge, and we have a report that several people are injured at this time.”

Call 3: “Copy, we do have a whole bridge is down across the whole side of Eighth Street. I’ll update you with any further information for possible entrapment.”

Call 4: “At least four cars under the bridge. Three, four are going to be unattainable at this time.”

It took a few minutes for crews to arrive on the scene. Officials said it ended up being at least eight vehicles under the bridge, with six confirmed victims at this point and another 10 people being pulled out and transported to the hospital. 

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