Taco Bell's Nacho Fries a SMASHING SUCCESS!

Taco Bell's new nacho fries has crushed all of it's other product launches in the whole history of the restaurant.

Since being put on the $1 menu in January, 53 million orders of nacho fries have been added to people's meals.

Well, apparently Taco Bell is not stupid. It knows a good thing when it sees it. So now you've got until early April to go get you some! 

The Bell announced this past December that it's planning on introducing 20 $1 menu items over the course of the year. The nacho fries was just the first one!

Nacho Fries can also be upgraded to "Supreme" (adding pico de gallo, beef and sour cream on top), or "Bell Grande" (all the same toppings as the "Supreme," just larger).

You can also add nacho fries to things like burritos, Crunchwraps and tacos, like, inside them. You can put the nacho fries IN the burrito.

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