Tampa Ranked #1 Housing Market For First-Time Buyers

A city in Florida has been credited as making up the nation's best housing market for first-time buyers.

Real estate website Zillow says first-timers have it easier in Tampa because prices are lower, which translates to lower down payments and homes that appreciate in value more quickly.  

That helps narrow the break-even window between buying a house and renting to about two years.  

As for 2018, Zillow shows the following stats for the Tamps housing market:

- Population Growth: 1.9 percent

- Share of Listings With Price Cuts: 18.7 percent

Zillow Home Value Index: $195,200

Breakeven Horizon: 1 year and 11 months 

Zillow Home Value Forecast: 3.1 percent

Inventory: 13,733 homes

Orlando is the fourth-best market for first-time buyers. 

The worst in the nation is San Francisco, according to Zillow. For a complete list of results, click here.

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