Shalala To AP: President Donald Trump Is An "Embarrassment"

Former Clinton cabinet member and UM President Donna Shalala is vying to win a state Congressional seat long held by a Republican congresswoman, but her sights are already set much further than that.

Shalala, 77, told The Associated Press Wednesday that President Donald Trump is an "embarrassment" and Democrats must stop him "from making terrible decisions."

"I don't like his politics at all. I don't like the fact he wants to cut food stamps. Who cuts food stamps in our society? Who beats up the most vulnerable?" Shalala said. "We need to check him and the way to check him is to elect more Democrats; to take control of at least one House, hopefully two."

The Florida Congressional candidate sat down with the AP after filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run in Florida's 27th district, which covers a large swath of Miami-Dade County, including Miami Beach and Coral Gables. 

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