How To [At Least Look Like] You're Successful

Whether it's the concept of faking it until you make it, or sayings like "putting your best foot forward", successful people and those who seek success likely would want to come across well at a minimum. What message is your face projecting? You might be surprised.  

There's another saying that applies to this story. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If your face isn't projecting success - the initial impression of you with others might be sown before you've even met another person. This is all based on a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In the study 160 people had head shots taken to be used for the research. There were 80 men and 80 women. None of the pictures included anything that might be stereo-typed (IE tattoos and facial piercings). Half of the people in the pictures earned $150k or more and half earned under $35k per year. The goal of the study was to see how accurately one's success could be profiled from the head shots. People were asked at random to decide whether the face in the photos was one who earned $150k or more or $35k or less. Obviously, chance would be 50%. So, what was the outcome?  

  • People were 68% accurate in identifying the faces  

This indicates that there's a strong message that most people are projecting simply by the appearance on one's face. Among the features most helpful in tipping one's disposition - the eyes were most predictive. Secondarily one's mouth. Researchers determined that overtime our faces permanently reflect our experiences and status. Confident, focused expressions as opposed to subdued and potentially uninspired ones. Given all the expressions and clichés available for setting one's self up for success. Part of dressing for it might include an attitude adjustment for your face.  

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