MSDHS Hockey Team Invited To Panthers Game By Former Student, Flyers Player

Not only did the Florida Panthers host the Philadelphia Flyers, Sunday -- they also welcomed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hockey team.

The team was honored as the special guests of Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere.

Gostisbehere attended Stoneman Douglas for two years before moving to play hockey more regularly.

He met the young hockey players after the game to share some laughs.

“It’s the least I could do,” said Gostisbehere. “I mean, again I gotta thank the Panthers for setting it up and obviously the Flyers for going with it, and obviously it’s just something to take their minds off, you know, they’ve had a rough couple past couple weeks here, and I’m just gonna be there. Like I said, get some laughs in, obviously congratulate them on winning a state title, and just have a lot of fun.”

The Stoneman Douglas hockey team won the state title last Sunday after losing the first three games.

The Panthers beat the Flyers.

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