We're Pushing For Gun Control, So Why Not Car Control?

Let's talk about vehicle safety.  

Yesterday I told you an average of 102 people die on the roads every day and yet Americans aren't crying for car control. 


Because the average person recognizes the personal responsibility in auto accidents. (I also pointed out that more people die via knives than rifles too but don't want to further distract from the point of this story). What's more is that the past two years auto deaths were up 10.5 percent and another 5.6 percent, respectively. 

Nearly 5,000 more people are dying on roads today compared to just two years ago and still no calls for additional safety measures. 

What's more is one of the biggest catalysts is being advocated increasingly in our society - often by those who're among the most likely to be calling for the strictest gun control measures. What is it? Marijuana related DUI's.  

According to the CDC...  

  • 16 percent of all auto accidents involve a driver who's impaired with drugs other than alcohol  

  • The most common substance used is marijuana  

  • Marijuana users were 25 percent more likely to cause a crash compared to non-users 

  • 13 percent of all night and weekend accidents are caused by drivers with marijuana in their systems 

So, let me ask you. How does one balance all of this inconsistency? How can one push for the harshest possible gun control (28 percent of adults want the removal of private ownership of guns altogether), yet not have any concerns about devices used by people that cause exponentially more death? 

How is it that those same people would be advocating for greater access to a product that's a catalyst in accidents that kill over 3,000 people on the roads per year specific to its use and those drivers?  

There are two sides to stories and one side to facts.

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