March's Stock Market History

February provided a lot of excitement didn't it? 

After a record low run of negative volatility for 15+ months, we experienced the most we've had in a month in nearly a decade - including a correction - in the middle of it. February has historically been the 4th worst month of the year so what will March hold?  

Here's a rundown on March's stock market history...  

Since 1950 here's the scorecard:  

  • Positive years: 43  

  • Negative years: 25  

  • Average rate of return...+1.1%  

On average stocks are higher 63% of the time this month and with an average rate of return over 1% it's one of the better months for stocks historically. In fact, whereas February is the 4th worst month of the year for stocks, March has been the 4th best month. 

The best March occurred in 2000 with a 9.7% return and the worst was in 1980 with a 10.2% loss. What will this March hold? Until next month...   

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