Disney Princess Saves 7-Year-Old's Birthday Party After No One Shows Up

When Lindsay Robert rang the doorbell of a modest apartment in Arvada, Colorado dressed as Elsa, she expected her next gig would be just another dream princess party filled with joyful children, happy parents, and happy birthdays. 

Only, this Colorado 7-year-old's party was anything but joyful after no one showed up to help celebrate. 

Leyana's mom told KDVR that her 7-year-old got dressed up in her best white ruffle dress and counted down the minutes until her classmates showed up. Unfortunately, Layana was devastated when she realized no one was coming. 

Robert says she never witnessed anything like this before while working for Royally Enchanted Princess & Character Parties. In a post on Facebook Robert says they made the best of the day, singing and dancing.

I knocked on the door of a very modest apartment next to the railroad tracks in Arvada. When I walked in, I expected a gaggle of party guests to swarm me. Instead one little girl with a tear stained face launched herself in my arms as her mother said 'I told you Elsa wouldn't let you down'.

This sweet birthday girl had invited her whole first grade class, and not one of them came. Not one. They had ordered pizza, had a cake, they hung paper decorations, and had a small table full of little treats, but not one guest. 

It was soul crushing. 

This shy and soft-spoken girl had put on her best dress and waited. And waited. We played games, sung songs, told stories, picked out little prizes (I gave her my lipstick. I would have given her the wig off my head if i could have), but too soon it was time for me to go. 

Robert told Layana that being a princess meant being brave, kind and smart - all things the 7-year-old had demonstrated. 

I told her that she was kind, brave, and smart... all things every princess has in spades. She didn't cry when I left, but I wonder if she did after I'd gone.I'm sending her a fairy garden so she can plant something and make it grow. 

Because Elsa will never let you down.

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