British Butcher: A 3lb Sausage Saved My Life

posted by Jessi Minneci - 

Well here's a sausage party... but of a different kind than you may be thinking...

A British butcher who got locked in a freezer says he was saved by a frozen sausage that he used as a battering ram.

Credit: SWNS

Seventy-year-old Chris McCabe says he became trapped in the walk-in at his shop when wind blew the door shut and the safety button to open the door had frozen in the -4 chill.

He tried to kick the button free... but then grabbed the 3 pound black pudding to batter the button free.

The grateful butcher told the Daily Mirror: "Black pudding saved my life, without a doubt."

McCabe sells black pudding, also known as blood sausage, from his shop for £7.95 per kg, describing it as the "perfect accompaniment for a fried breakfast".


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