Scholarship Program Would Allow Bullied Students To Transfer Schools

posted by Jessi Minneci - 

House Republican leaders Wednesday outlined a proposal that would allow bullied students to transfer to other public schools or receive money to attend private schools.

The Hope Scholarship program would encompass victims of battery, physical assault, sexual assault, hazing and/or bullying.

Speaker Richard Corcoran and other supporters said the proposal would allow students and parents to report bullying and other incidents to their schools. 

After a 15-day window, they could move to other public schools or receive scholarships to attend private schools.

Supporters said the program would not take money from the state's main public-school funding system.

Corcoran said the scholarships could work similar to the voucher-like Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, where businesses receive tax credits for donating money to organizations that, in turn, offer scholarships to send children to private schools.

There were more than 47,000 violent incidents at schools last year.

The proposal will be included in the 2018 legislative session, which starts in January.


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