Davie Home Raid Leads To International Drug-Related Charges

posted by Jessi Minneci - 

Both federal and local law enforcement agents spent hours Wednesday raiding a home in the Laurel Oaks community of Davie.

The operation was part of a long-running investigation into an international drug ring accused of bringing the dangerous drug fentanyl into Florida from China and Canada.

Anthony Santos Gomes and Elizabeth Ton now face one count of "conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute ... controlled substances and controlled substance analogues resulting in serious bodily injury and death," according to an indictment.

An indictment alleges Gomes and Ton, along with seven others, "did knowingly and intentionally combine, conspire, confederate and agree together ... to possess with intent to distribute" substances including more than 400 grams of Fentanyl and Ethylone.

There are five counts in the indictment, but just the first applies to Gomes and Ton. 

The other counts are charged to the other individuals and include money laundering conspiracy and others charges related to the importation and distribution of the drugs.

The indictment also alleges four deaths and five cases of serious bodily injury allegedly connected to the group’s illegal activities.

The drug Fentanyl is so powerful that even inhaling or touching the drug can kill. Investigators believe that’s possibly what happened to 10-year-old Alton Banks in Miami earlier this year.

In the case Wednesday in Davie, there’s surprise from those living in the neighborhood.

Gomes and Ton moved in to the Laurel Oaks Community along with a child just a few months ago, according to neighbors. 

Records show the property was purchased in May for $850,000 with a 30-year adjustable mortgage by Iyana Enterprise Incorporated, a corporation owned by Gomes. It is not known if he was living in the house at the time.


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