WATCH: Sen. Nelson Urges Passing Of $15 Billion Disaster Relief Package

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson took to the Senate floor Thursday to urge the immediate passage of a $15 billion disaster aid package needed to fund FEMA past Friday, as Hurricane Irma approaches the Florida coast.

“I urge the Senate, I implore the Senate, I beg the Senate to pass this package,” Nelson said on the Senate floor. “FEMA is stretched, and, of all things, FEMA runs out of money unless we act by tomorrow.”

You can watch a full video of Nelson's remarks, below: 

“I left Florida in the middle of the night to come back to make sure that it has my stamp of imprimatur on this legislation,” he continued, “And I'm very glad that the majority leader has agreed to double the amount - basically $7.5 billion, for FEMA and another $7.5 billion for CDBG, Community Development Block Grants, both of which would be for natural disasters.”

Nelson says he contacted FEMA Administrator Brock Long Wednesday regarding the need for extra gasoline in the state used for travel. He said FEMA is ready to assist and is prepositioning people and supplies around the state.

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