Hurricane Aftermath: What To Do After Irma

Once the storm subsides in South Florida, it may be time to consider the aftermath. 

Attorney and author Scott Mager is considered one of the foremost Natural Disaster Insurance Experts, and one of the founding contributors to Storm Help Team. He has lived through numerous devastating hurricanes and other storm events, and also spent thousands of hours in Florida, as well as New York and other locations. 

Aside from general tips given to prepare for hurricanes (get water, days of food, move things away from windows, put up shutters, etc.), Mager says people often don’t know where to turn when they have property damage. 

Thus, in the event of having to deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster, here are a few useful resources to refer to: 

Tips on making insurance claims:

How to make a property damage claim:

Obtaining FEMA and other money for disasters:

Making a food coverage claim:

Don’t give up in the pursuit of your claim just because you get a ludicrous or other unfair denial. Just because an insurance company says they are not paying you, doesn’t you’re your claim is over. 

Get the right reports that document each damaged item in a way that looks ridiculous for the insurance company to deny you. 

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