Kick On The AC -- It's Another Hot, Summery South Florida Day

You're going to want to make sure your air conditioner is in good, working order this Thursday. 

It's another extremely hot day in South Florida.  

The National Weather Service in Miami says heat indices are expected to top 105 degrees through the afternoon.  

A heat advisory is in effect across portions of the interior and the Gulf Coast, where the feels-like temperature might exceed 110 degrees.

And before you work up a sweat, here are a few unique, unconventional ways to stay cool, calm and collected:

  • Make a batch of unsweetened mint tea. Put it in the fridge and then into a mister. Use it to spray down your face and body
  • Put your sheets and pillowcase into the freezer for a few hours, then make the bed with them
  • Put a couple of bottles of frozen water, or a bowl of ice water, in front of the fan
  • Grab some gel ice packs, freeze them, then put them in a pillowcase and place at strategic points — under your neck, knees, wrists
  • Turn off and unplug every electrical appliance you can

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