Drivers Beware: Red Light Cameras Are Being Revived In South Florida

Drivers beware -- red light cameras are making a comeback in South Florida.

Pembroke Pines will start the traffic light program back up on August 25. In addition, Boynton Beach voted Tuesday night to turn its cameras back on.

The two cities join Davie, Sunrise, Tamarac and West Park in Broward and 16 cities in Miami-Dade County that still operate red-light camera systems. 

Those caught running a red light face an initial fine of $158. But if that violation notice isn’t paid within 60 days, it becomes a traffic ticket that carries a $250 fine that can be disputed in court.

Cities usually cite public safety concerns for using the cameras. 

Still, the idea that red-light cameras are more about making money than promoting safety has been at the heart of repeal efforts dating back to 2010.

This year, a House bill that would have repealed the law was sponsored by 17 state representatives from both parties and passed the House 91-22. But on the Senate side, the bill failed to pass its first committee hearing.

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