VIDEO: FWC Identifies Men Seen In Video Of Shark Dragged By Boat

A video of a shark dragged behind a high-speed boat caught the attention of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Tuesday and sparked an investigation into the incident.

The video, which spread across social media sites, shows a shark's body repeatedly slamming into the wake of a boat as it's pulled at high speeds.

Three men in the boat laugh and point as the animal flails helplessly behind them.

Now, one day later after outrage sparked, officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say they've identified the men in the clip.

FWC isn't releasing their names to the public and no arrests have been made, officials said in a statement Wednesday.

"The FWC has identified the individuals in the video, and would like to thank the public for their assistance," the statement read. "Per normal protocol, while this investigation is ongoing, the agency will not be confirming the identities of the individuals involved."

The Sarasota Slam fishing tournament also confirmed via Twitter and Facebook that the individuals have been identified. 

Of those responsible, Sarasota Slam officials tweeted, quote, "They will be banned from our tournament... their names were already given to the proper authorities when we learned of the video."

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