South Florida Teen Behind New Solar Panel Mandate in South Miami

The City of South Miami is the first in Florida to mandate solar panels on new homes and a South Florida teenager is behind the new rule.

A year ago, climate change activist Delaney Reynolds, 17, wrote to dozens of mayors asking them if they'd consider working with her to create the law and South Miami Mayor Phil Stoddard got on board.  Reynolds says it's a part of her dream to make the world a better place.

"I have seen reports where experts have said that 50% of all of Florida's power needs could come from the sun by 2045, in my lifetime, if we were to start taking this goal seriously.  That's what my goal has been with the solar ordinance," said Delaney.

She says she got the idea after she learned about San Francisco's solar ordinance.

Reynolds joins Al Gore in MTV's An Inconvenient Special, a televised town hall on the effects of climate change.  MTV will air the show on Wednesday August 2nd.