Listen: Police Release Calls Between Accused Face-Eating Killer and Parents

Newly released recordings are providing some insight into the Florida State student turned alleged face-eating killer as he spent his first few weeks in jail following his arrest. 

Prosecutors have released tapes of calls between Austin Harrouff and his parents, in which he tells his mom how most of his time is spent in his cell without much interaction with anyone. "This is the hardest thing I've ever been through," he begins. 

"I’m scared about the future,” said Harrouff in what appears to be a call to his father made soon after he first got to jail.

Harrouff is accused of ambushing and killing Martin County couple John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon in August 2016. He also severely injured their neighbor, Jeff Fisher, who tried to step in and help the couple.

Deputies found Harrouff chewing on the flesh of one of the victims. Toxicology results indicate Harrouff was not on any mind-altering drugs at the time of killings.

Harrouff spent weeks in the hospital following the incident. Upon release, he was charged with murder.

His attorneys are on record saying Harrouff struggles from mental illness.

Harrouff's father also tells him he will get him the best legal support possible. "I'm going to get the best lawyer I can buy, because I love you buddy ... I'll hire two lawyers."

His next hearing is set for July. 

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