LOL: Dad Pulls Prank On Daughter With Help Of Pembroke Pines Police

A Pembroke Pines dad got "Jokester of the Day" award Monday when he got a Pembroke Pines police officer to help him in pranking his daughter. 

When the officer notified the father that his daughter’s missing wallet was found in the middle of University Drive, prankdome ensued.

While waiting for the officer that said she would drop the wallet off at the house, the father set up a camera in his truck and placed a microphone on himself.

When Officer Michele Fanelli arrived with the wallet, he went inside the house to get his teenage daughter.

"Is there something you need to tell me?" he says to his daughter in the video.

"No," she answers.

"This officer wants to speak to you," the father says. 

The pair then walk to the patrol vehicle, where the father tells his daughter that the officer wants to know what happened prom night.

"Is there something we need to discuss?" the father says.

"No," the daughter says “I’m so serious.”

Not willing to back down, the father then asks questions about the after-party. Officer Fanelli then tells the teen it seems like she’s hiding something, before asking the father if he believes his daughter.

"I guess," he says.

The pair then begins laughing, and the teen is shown the wallet.

The group laughs for a bit outside, and Fanelli tells the teen she’s looked her up online and saw she was a star athlete at her high school.

The father then asks for a selfie to remember the moment he pulled off the ultimate dad prank. 

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