Google Waze Testing Out New Take On Ride "Sharing" Service

Google's Waze is expanding a carpool service that it first rolled out in February. And although the service is currently only being offered in California, we may see it in South Florida sooner rather than later!  

Waze has expanded the service to the Los Angeles-area this week. 

After inputting your travel plans, you may come across a screen resembling this one, if you choose to use Waze carpool:

Unlike Uber and Lyft, this is actual ride "sharing". That means Waze carpool drivers aren't allowed to make a profit. Instead, they are limited to the federal mileage reimbursement of 54 cents per mile... again... this is true ride sharing.   

The service does not come without its challenges. It can take about an hour for Waze to find someone going your way.

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